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About Us

Midnight Media is a Search Engine and a General Site Directory. Though the site is mostly geared towards a search engine for online video and game sites, we are constantly looking for useful and entertaining websites to add to our database.

We are not like most search engines out there, we cater for a certain niche or like most directories that are full of useless and mostly premium websites. The whole idea behind the site came from the frustration of having to visit several sites individually to find one thing. Sometimes they had it and sometimes they didn't or it had a post for it but when viewed, the links didn't work.

While most of the sites are very good sites, some have different things to offer and using mainstream search engines gave a too broad of choice and rarely what we were looking for and while there are other niche sites, none provided this type of niche. We are not talking about searching tube sites, we are talking about full movie, tv show, documentary and games type of sites. So the site was designed for this specific niche, to make finding these quicker so you can spend more time watching, playing or doing whatever it is that you do rather than wasting time visiting each site individually until you find one that has it.

The second reason for it, came from visiting a site only to find that it had closed, this happens and if that was the only site you had bookmarked, then you're pretty much stuck until you find another. This way, it's not only quicker than visiting each site(and sometimes not all of these sites have the same thing), it also makes it easier to find similar sites too.

Every link on this site (some may require signing up to use their site) are either free or offer free services.

At the moment we will not be accepting premium sites (sites that you have to either pay to use or have to buy any of their products), although some of these websites may offer a premium service, using their services is totally at your discretion. If you feel this site is missing something, feel free to use the contact form to suggest anything and feel free to submit any links for review, if it fits the site then we will add it immediately.

Take your time to browse our site, who knows you may find something of interest, if not, then why not submit any links you know of that are?