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Frequently Asked Questions

How to view the full site: The design of the site changes depending on the size of the browser you are viewing from or the orientation of your device. The mobile version shows when your browser is higher than it is in width. This is useful and more user friendly for smaller screens like Smartphones and Tablets. To view the full site, increase the size of your browser until the site adjusts to full or if you are using a Smartphone or Tablet that has the ability to rotate orientation, rotate your device to Landscape mode. Although the design changes depending on the viewport, the content provided is the same.

Refining the search results: Choosing a category can improve the results for the term you search for but these results can be refined beyond that if need be. Those options are as follows:

The Tilde ~ : When this character is at the begining of the search term, only the results that start with the term are shown.

The Single Quote ' : When this character is at the begining of the search term, only results that have an exact match are shown.

The Exclamation Mark ! : When this character is in front of a word, any results that contain the word are excluded. Any words you want to exclude must come after the search term. Example: bike !motor

Why does the video stop and keep Buffering: The speed depends on how fast your connection is and how fast the host allows you to download from their servers. We suggest you press pause and let it load for a couple of minutes and then you can start watching it.

When is the search index updated? Normaly every Tuesday or Wednesday to give site owners the chance to update their sites.

How often is the search index updated? Once a week, there is no point in re-crawling the sites in the index more than this because they normaly only update their site once a week.